The Middle of Nowhere

The Middle of Nowhere
Is Nothing to be found
Between the Here
And the Now

About nowthehere

Mitchell Anton MacEachern

Mitch is a philosopher, poet, singer-songwriter, and stand-up comedian based out of Toronto. 'Now The Here' is his poetry series, which is available for purchase on Amazon. He is looking to understand the human condition through personal expression and is eager to meet new people. 

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Now The Here: What I Haven't Done V.1


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The first volume in the 'Now The Here' poetic series. This is a PDF file and not the actual book. (To get a hard copy, please see the links above.) If you purchase this item, I will email you a big thank you as well as the file.

Within these pages you'll find musings about life, death, culture, and what it feels like to be alive as Mitch right now.